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          Polyethelene was discovered in 1933 by accident and found its niche in WWII as the insulating material used with onboard radar. This application reduced the weight of the units so much that it enabled the allies to put radar in their fighter planes.

Commercially the most common use of this material is Tupperware.

We use a rotomolding process that casts a thin layer of polyethelene against a metal mold. The process is repeated two more times which results in a tri-layered laminate boat. This provides you with a boat that is lighter, stronger, and less expensive than traditional canoes and kayaks.

Fact: Polyethelene is 100% recyclable.

Colour Options
All of our boats are available in either one of our 6 basic colours (red, blue, yellow, green, purple or khaki) or, in one of our five blends; yellow/red, blue/white, green/yellow, green/white, or purple/white

  1. No two boats that use the blended colour options are ever the same due to the random mixing of the polyethelene granules inside the molds.
  2. All Seats, handles and deck rigging are black.
  3. Where applicable, the rudders/skegs are also black.