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What to bring Canoeing or Kayaking on a Day Trip

March 2, 2018

In the Great Outdoors, quite often we forget things on our way to a trip. The worst thing to forget is your PFD (Personal Flotation Device), sun screen, water, your canoe or kayak.  (Some forget to put it on the roof of their car). 


Fear no more, we have put a list together below of what you can bring with you on your trip. 


What to wear:

  • Swimsuit

  • Shirt to cover your arms and back (t-shirt, fishing shirt, etc) Throw this on over your swimsuit until you get going on the river or lake and then again if you start to get a little sunburned!

  • Comfortable shorts. Something that is polyester is best, so if it does get wet, it will dry quickly.

  • You’ll likely be riding a bus or in the back of a pickup truck to the spot where you’ll put your canoe in the water, so you’ll want to be wearing more than just swimsuit bottoms.

  • Water shoes or old tennis shoes. Te

  • Rivers have sharp rocks, hidden sticks makes a great water show making it more comfortable if you should step on sharp rocks, broken glass and any number of lurking things waiting to slice your feet. We love Keens. Old tennis shoes will do just fine, but flip flops will be claimed by the river’s current as soon as you step foot in the water. Wear something with a back.

What to Pack:
  • Sunscreen in various SPFs. Super important that kids get covered up also. 

  • This is not the time to test your skin’s tanning abilities. The sun reflecting off the water will burn your skin quickly.

  • Towels - You will need to dry off. You will get wet. Its a fact. Its best to be prepared.

  • Sunglasses you can lose and something like croakies to go around your neck? 

  • Bug spray – Lets face it, you will encounter mosquitos out in the wilderness. Its best to have something to keep them at bay. The further north you go, the bigger they get...

  • A “dry bag” - Either a waterproof roll-top bag from an outdoor store (or Amazon) or a few zip-top bags. Put your wallet and phones in these, along with anything else you’d like to keep dry. You can also toss your wet swimsuit in these at the end of the trip.

  • A cooler with water, sports drinks, cokes, and/or adult beverages. Cans or plastic bottles only, please! And no matter how you roll, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Water is definitely not optional. We sell the Creek Coolers at Adventure Outfitters, so check out this link here to buy one or anything else you need. https://adventureoutfitters.ca

  • Snacks - GORP - Good old raisons, peanuts and smarties. Fruit like oranges are refreshing while you are out on the water. Try to bring snacks that won't leave litter behind you.

  • A plastic grocery bag or trash bag. Keep our rivers clean, please!

  • Bring a change of clothes, especially if the sun is going dow and the temperature is dropping. You do not want to be sitting in a car for 2 hours in wet clothes.

  • Your ID/credit card/cash - You’ll need these before the company will hand over the boats. Stow them in a dry bag once you’re on the river.

Other things to bring:​
  • Bring waterproof matches, flashlight and a utility knife. Its very likely you will have any issues, but if you are not with a guide, you will find these invaluable if you get lost and need to stay over night somewhere. 

  • Bungee cords - If you do end up with a topsy-turvy boat, your life will be a lot easier if your stuff is secured to the canoe rather than floating down the river. Use these to strap down coolers, backpacks, and especially any bags that are holding electronics, wallets, or other valuables.

  • Waterproof camera (or a waterproof case for your phone) For capturing memories, of course!

  • Inflatable float- For when you get tired of paddling pull over at a beach to swim!

  • Waterproof speaker - Because some good tunes up the fun-factor of any activity. Something that everyone on the river and lake will enjoy and I do mean everyone...

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